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New Skyfall teaser released: watch now

Skyfall is releasing a brand new trailer online today, but ahead of that, Sony Pictures and MGM have released a teaser for that trailer.

Yes, seems a bit redundant to us, but when the material on show is as exciting as this, we don’t really mind.

Giving away a few more snippets of plot, not to mention a glimpse at a fantastic-looking train set piece, this teaser has certainly caught our interest.

Take a look below…


Deep breath… Posing more questions than it actually answers, this teaser really is just a massive tease. Does M really order Bond’s assassination? Is this the end for Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Check back here later when the full trailer’s unveiled, and no doubt all will be revealed. Ah, who are we kidding? Nothing’s probably going to be revealed, but it’ll still be amazing anyway.

Skyfall opens in cinemas 26 October 2012.