New side-scrolling shooter revealed for DS, Wii, PS3

Matchman is the first project to come from a new collaboration between Lexicon Entertainment and Chinese dev house TF-H Co LTD, with "a number of new IP" planned throughout the two-year agreement for DS, Wii and PS3.

The game "is a side scrolling shooter involving extraordinary graphics, manipulation and creative features. The graphic style is consisted by black and white line drawing, and the script is based on a combination of some classical fairytales such as Grimm's and Anderson's fairytales," says the official blurb.

Of gameplay, the blurb gushes: "One of the special features is the unconventional means to knock through some of scenario. In this case, you're not going to kill bosses directly. For instance, conventionally you kill monsters by using weapons; but to kill an evil bird named 'Baba Yaga,' you need to throw apples and feed it until its stomach bursts."

The game is due for an early2009 release on DS, with Wii and PS3 versions to follow - probably as PSN and WiiWare games, we think.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 4, 2008