New Sherlock Holmes pics online

A host of new images have been shoved online from the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Observe And Report and Final Destination: Death Trip 3D.

Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year when kiddies’ faces glisten in anticipation of shiny new pictures from some of the coming year’s biggest movies.

So it’s helpful that the fine folk at Warners have seen fit to put up imagery from Sherlock Holmes (which will give Robert Downey Jr’s fans a chance to see the ripped shape he’s in for the film) Observe And Report (which will give Seth Rogen’s fans chance to see him in better shape than usual) and Robert Rodriguez new kid pic, Shorts.

Fantasy adventure

“Shorts,” we hear you say, “what is that, pray tell?” It’s Rodriguez' new child-aimed fantasy adventure which sees a rainbow-coloured doohickey arrive to change one boy’s life and create chaos for everyone around him. It stars William H Macy and Leslie Mann.

There are loads more where they came from. Check out the gallery for an embarrassment of pictorial riches. You’re welcome.

[Source: Coming Soon ]

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