Everything wrong with the new Sausage Party trailer

'Wait, do hot dogs fuck the buns?' It's not a sentence I expect to say often. Well, at all, but that's the logical extension of Seth Rogen's new cartoon bringing food to life. It's a weiner, you slot it in a bun. It's all so obvious now.

Look at the way her... her slit? (Oh God) Trembles, flutters almost, as her foot schlong approaches. If that makes you feel like washing your soul and sitting in a quiet room for a while, I think that means you're normal. It's equal parts funny and horrific. The idea of coital union is not something I want applied to food.

The film basically subverts the usual CG cars/toys/animals as people set up and applies it to things you eat. Obviously, horrible things happen to things you eat because you eat them. Sausage Party supposes that all these happily anthropomorphic snacks are just merrily sitting around supermarket shelves waiting to be 'chosen' thinking it's their purpose in life. Only to discover it actually involves being brutally, brutally murdered on chopping boards.

So potatoes (which by the way are all Irish in super racist fashion) are flayed alive in front of their friends. Or as we we would say 'peeled'.

Lettuces also don't do so well either. Oh, and did you know apparently lettuces have eyes? It's where you stick your thumbs. Cheese is obviously fucked though, that was never going to end well.

And these carrots? Baby carrots. As in children. Watch their little head pop...

It's basically Toy Story but with chopping, trauma and more fibre.

Enjoy the trailer.

Leon Hurley
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