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New Psychonauts project in the pipe?

Oct 23, 2007

A whiff of something new happening in the world of Tim Schafer's cult-classic Psychonauts is in the air.

Schafer's studio, Double Fine, has sparked speculation by publishing an image in theProjects section of its website. Spotted by eagle-eyed web surfers, it's a semi-blacked out Psychonauts picture with the words "Coming Soon" stamped on top of it.

Is it a sequel? Is the image just a cheeky place-holder? Well, it's widely thought that it may well turn out to be a Wii version of the game. Office fans of Psychonauts have declared that the platform-adventure would work "really well" on Nintendo's console.

We canonly wait and see.

Weird and wonderful - as those who have played it will tell you - Psychonauts chucks players into the role of Raz, who has the ability to transport himself into the minds of others.

Courtesy of CVG