New Pro Evo 2008 shots

Tuesday 10 July 2005

Konami has announced that Cristiano Ronaldo, midfielder for the Portugese national footy team, is to be the face of PES 2008 in Europe. Expect to see his mug splashed across the game box, and any cardboard stands clogging up the aisles of your local game shops. It's unconfirmed as to whether he'll be smiling.

He won't be alone, mind - there's more 'specially selected local talent' on the way, which Konami will be announcing at a later date. Until then, you can digitally ogle the man himself via some new screens, while waiting for PES 2008 to hit PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, DS, PSP and vinyl this autumn. Well, maybe not the vinyl.

Above: Cristiano Ronaldo, the latest PES idol, seems a bit suspicious of the other guy's boots