New poster for The Mechanic

Cast your mind back to some of the great movie posters of all time; the one-sheet teaser for Tim Burton's Batman , Otto Preminger's Anatomy Of A Murder. ..

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the first banner for Simon West's The Mechanic won't be joining them.

Designed by someone who probably hates movies, the poster has all the finesse and allure of a crowbar to the face, decidng to show us only a glimpse of Jason 'Hardest Working Action Hero' Statham.

Then the poster assaults our ocular region with a brash, bold and frankly arrogant typeface screaming about the director, and improbably, the writer.

Take a look, courtesy of Collider;

The film is a remake of the classic Charles Bronson film from back in '72, which tells the tale of a retiring hitman and the apprentice he trains to take his place.

West was of course responisible for 'Die Hard On A Prison Plane' flick Con Air , and last brought us toothless horror remake When A Stranger Calls back in 2006.

Full cast details are yet to be released, but based on this poster, we're expecting Transporter 3 at best.

I s The Stath strong enough to carry this on his own? Or is he so awesome he can do anything? Let us know.