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Watch: New Point Break trailer takes things to the extreme

The Point Break remake has got an explosive new trailer crammed full of extreme sports action. The adrenaline-soaked two and a half minute teaser will have you on the edge of your seat. Time to catch some waves, bro!

While the original film was set exclusively in the world of surfing, this update is set to broaden the action across the extreme sports spectrum, with Edgar Ramirez’s bank-robbing crew attempting to pull off "eight ordeals that honour the forces of nature". Mountainside motorcycling anyone?

Check out the new trailer below…

While the majority of the story looks the same, this philanthropic streak for Bodhi and his crew is something different. Just how it will alter the film’s core storyline remains to be seen, but could we be in for a different ending to the classic Bells Beach finale?

Directed by Ericson Core and co-starring Luke Bracey, Delroy Lindo and Ray Winstone, Point Break will open in the US on Christmas Day and the UK on January 8 2016.

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