New PlayStation studio Firesprite is hiring for three new-gen projects

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Firesprite, which has just been acquired by PlayStation, appears to be hiring up for three distinct projects.

The studio, which already employs more than 200 developers, is currently hiring for 46 more roles, suggesting that PlayStation acquiring Firesprite is leading to some significant expansion.

One of those titles is repeatedly referred to as a "narrative adventure," and more than a third of the jobs currently listed are linked to the project. One of the most senior of those, development director, describes a "dark, story-driven next generation" game "with genre-defining goals." A senior designer role describes a "AAA branching narrative," but also states "the team is at an early stage."

Eight further roles are attached to an "action shooter" project, described in the development manager opening as "a ground-breaking next-generation PvP shooter with a Games as a Service focus." Again, however, this title is in "the earliest stages of a multi-year development," so it's likely to be several years before we get a proper look at it.

Finally, a few listings focus on a VR action-adventure title "adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years." Given Firesprite's new partnership, only a handful of franchises appear to fit that bill; Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, and The Last of Us are all well-received Sony originals from the last ten years. There's also arguments to be made for Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, and even Bloodborne, although those push the description a little further.

Sony's acquisition of Firesprite was announced earlier today. The two have previously worked together on The Playroom projects, but the partnership is now official. It might be a few years before it bears fruit, but it's certainly interesting to see PlayStation bring a new team into the fold.

Here's why Sony bought Firesprite, according to PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst.

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