New Pirates trailer!

Bond, Supes, the X-ers and Ethan Hunt… they’re all making comebacks in 2006 but the safest bet for pure, rip-snorting action coupled with unadulterated, popcorn-spitting laughs is the latest high-seas shenanigans from The Pirates Of The Caribbean.

A neat little teaser trailer for Dead Man’s Chest was posted here a while back and it features the usual handfuls of swashbuckling heroes, bandana-clad baddies and ass-kicking maidens. Disney have, however, been sitting on a full length trailer and you can now see it by clicking here .

The site will no doubt be bombarded with hits so cross those pinkies that the Mouse House decide to stick the action up on their official site soon.

So batten down the hatches and um… hoist the main, thingy… Captain Jack is coming back…

Sources: ( Disney ) ( Totale Clips )

Dead Man’s Chest lands on these shores on 6 July.

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