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New Piranha 3D trailer surfaces online

Phew, for a minute there we thought we were up crap creek without a paddle.

A new trailer for Piranha 3D has come up for air online, and it’s everything that all the film’s previous trailers singularly failed to be.

Namely fun, mean, daft in a knowing way and fun. (Mostly fun.)

Benefitting from a throaty, bug-eyed Christopher Lloyd doing what he does best (imparting doom-filled words of wisdom with all the gravitas of a Shakespearean pro) as well as some natty editing (it’s all about that scream), this new trailer looks to provide the kind of cheesy hilarity the summer is crying out for.

Sure the Piranhas themselves still look a little too CGI, but we imagine that in 3D screenings they'll come across as all sorts of sleek coolness.

Check out the new trailer below and let us know what you think...

And if that doesn’t float your boat, here’s the new teaser trailer for Sundance biggie Buried , which mostly features Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin for 90 minutes, but is apparently ace. Sort of like the bare bones teaser...

Would you rather be Buried alive or eaten by Piranhas ..?

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