New pics for Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle

What would you do if your girlfriend's survival depended on you pushing her from a movingairplane with the last parachute? Impossible scenario, you say? Nay - at least according to a certain turtle's visit to lotus land. Confused by the preceding statements? So are we, but what we're trying to get at is that new screenshots from Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle came a-knockin' on GamesRadar's front door today, and you can take a gander at them by clicking the Images tab above.

Most of the images would have you believe that all the game doesis have you standing in a room, but let's try not to be that cynical, dear reader. After all, the real strengths ofpoint-and-clicky games, such as Runaway: DOTT, derive from clever writing, characters' quirk and outlandish situations like the one above. Andjudging by the weirdness of theirChristmas video, Runaway looks apt to deliver plenty of charm, and humor by the lovin' spoonful.

February 6, 2007