New official PlayStation blog launched

Sony Computer Entertainment America has launched a new official PlayStation website, PlayStation.Blog (opens in new tab), a proposed "platform for conversation and connection" for fans.

"Welcome and sorry for the wait," reads the first post by PR Manager, Patrick Seybold. "PlayStation.Blog is a bit of work in progress, we see it as a place where we can share with you our company's collective insights, opinions and perspectives on all things related to SCEA, PlayStation and the industry we play in."

There's not a great deal on the site right now but Seybold promises: "We're thinking about sharing all sorts of things here, ranging from product news and title announcements to developer updates and industry opinion posts - all of which will come straight from the people here inside SCEA who are working, thinking and playing with this stuff every day."

You can also vent your thoughts and opinions on the comments sections all over the site, which Sony actively encourages. So what are you waiting for? Go vent.

June 12, 2007