New Lost in Blue 2 details, screens

Keeping in line with the survival theme of the original, Lost in Blue 2 will put you in the shoes of two shipwrecked youngsters stranded on an island.

You will be given the choice to play as either Amy or Jack before setting off to explore the island for anything that can help you in your quest for survival. The two characters will have their own survival tactics and abilities that will make for a varied experience depending on who you choose.

But survival isn't the only agenda, and you discover that the island turns out to conceal its own sinister mysteries and lethal dangers.

The battle against the ever draining hunger, thirst and stamina gauges will once again play a significant part of the game, and fans of the original will recognize familiar cooking and tool-crafting mechanics handled with the touch screen.

New minigames in the sequel however willhave you doingarchery and diving deep under water. It will also pack two-player survival minigames that will let you compete with friends in the same room.

Lost in Blue was a unique and highly challenging title with some nice ideas. We look forward to seeing how the sequel will expand on that.

Lost in Blue 2 is due for a summer release.

February 7, 2007