Check out the new look Official Xbox Magazine, on sale 8th of April Get 3 issues for £5!

Xbox One has transformed over the last two years, so it's time for Official Xbox Magazine to follow suit. The team has spent the last five months designing the ultimate Xbox magazine (cue montage of lots of shouting and screwed up paper getting lobbed in a bin).

Want even more good news? We've got a special offer from OXM for our UK readers, sign up before 20th March and you can get the first 3 issues of all-new Official Xbox Magazine for just £5.

Outside the UK? Don't worry, you can still sign up to subscribe and get the relaunch issue delivered to your door.

Here are the 5 top reasons to subscribe to the all new Official Xbox Magazine today:

1. Longer reviews!

According to OXM’s research, if there's one thing gamers like more than games themselves, it's 'words'. (Just go with it, okay?) They've managed to marry the two in new, longer reviews – allowing more in-depth analysis of the biggest games. Find out more about the games you need before you buy, and never get stuck with a stinker in your disc slot again.

2. Unrivalled access!

As the Official Xbox Magazine OXM has always given you access to the biggest games, and the brilliant minds that make them. The new extended features go even further. Every month OXM will deliver a massive career-spanning interview with an Xbox legend and digging into the topics you want to know more about in OXM Investigates. Where will Xbox be in five years? Can an Xbox One replace every gadget in your life? Can you game for a year without spending a penny? All will be revealed.

3. Get more from your Xbox One

If OXM reviews (and their extra words) help you build your Xbox One collection, the new Extra section will help you wring every drop of fun from the biggest releases. Whether they're investigating the most brutal kills in Hitman, digging up the hidden gems everyone needs to try or trying to find the one landmark that Call of Duty hasn't blown up, Extra is a celebration of everything that makes us Xbox fans.

4: Subscriber benefits!

Love Xbox, but hate leaving the house? Subscriptions are the answer. Save money, never miss an issue and get every one delivered to your door. It'll leave you with more money left for you to spend on games, make sure you’re always in the know about the latest Xbox news and save you from that band of vicious pigeons that hang outside your nearest retailer.

5: Get the epic re-launch issue as soon as it’s out!

Sign up now and get the epic relaunch issue of all new Official Xbox magazine. Inside the magazine OXM quiz Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg and Mike Ybarra about the past, present and future of Xbox One (and get Phil to reveal his favourite Xbox games of all time), they review The Division and Hitman, and find out how Halo's Arbiter came to be cracking skulls in Killer Instinct Season 3.

Please note, the "100 best Xbox 360 games" supplement shown is UK only.

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