New Lethal Company patch adds the most literal Arachnophobia Mode we've seen yet

Zeekerss/@KILLCH0PDELUXE via Twitter
(Image credit: Zeekerss/@KILLCH0PDELUXE via Twitter)

Lethal Company has a new 'Arachnophobia Mode,' and it turns all the in-game spiders into the literal word "spider."

Last week, horror co-op shooter Lethal Company was blessed with a new Arachnophobia Mode in an update. "Arachnophobia Mode will ease your fear, and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year," the game's solo developer wrote as part of the update, according to the subreddit post below.

New Update! v45 Patch Notes from r/lethalcompany

However, the patch notes didn't say what the Arachnophobia Mode actually entailed. According to the player below, the mode simply switches out the in-game spider character models for a sign reading "Spider." Well, if it gets the job done, I suppose it gets the job done.

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"The best part? when you kill it just turn the word upside down," adds one Twitter user in response. I didn't really think about the fact that Lethal Company would still have to communicate that the spider is dead, even if it is just a placard with the word spider on it.

"You have no idea how unnerving it was to see this after installing the more company mod and thinking I’d fundamentally broken the game," adds another Twitter user. Meanwhile, others are pointing to Satisfactory's Arachnophobia Mode, that replaces spiders with lovely photorealistic cats. That sure is the polar opposite of a spider.

Speaking of changes, Lethal Company's dev added something funny to the game, but they're now threatening to make it "an entire thing." We don't know what this "funny" thing is, but stay on your toes over the next few weeks in the co-op horror shooter.

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