Lethal Company creator “added something into the game because it’s funny,” and is now threatening to make it “an entire thing”

Lethal Company trailer
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After a runaway launch, Lethal Company's solo developer is hard at work on a new update that started out simply "because it's funny," but has since snowballed into something... more.

Zeekerss, as Lethal Company's creator is known online, teased the mystery update in a recent Twitter post. "I added something into the game because it's funny, but then I saw the opportunity to make it an entire thing," the ominous post reads. "So that's what the next couple days are gonna be spent with."

You've got to wonder what the dev means by funny here. After all, while Lethal Company is billed as a co-op horror game about collecting resources and evading monsters in a hard sci-fi setting with a capitalist hellscape backdrop, it is at its heart a comedy where players are the punchline. 

The game's gone viral in large part thanks to some of the goofiest multiplayer antics we've seen all year, with countless players experiencing and sharing laugh-out-loud moments born of pitch-perfect sound design combined with monster AI that's just unpredictable enough to surprise while still allowing you to strategize. Lethal Company is a superb story generator, and with over 100,000 peak daily concurrent players on Steam to this day (according to SteamDB), it's generating stories around the clock and around the world. 

I can only imagine how this funny and apparently expanded update will lean into this even more. A social feature? A new monster? A new item? There's been no word of an update in Lethal Company's Steam news feed, so what this update is and when it'll arrive is still anyone's guess. Judging from Zeekerss' post, it seems like it'll arrive fairly soon at least. 

As Lethal Company players try to figure out the creepy monster AI, one expert eerily reasons that "the Bracken loves people walking backwards."

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