New Killzone PS3 details

It seems Killzone PS3 is likely to get episodic content after the game's director has stated that "the Killzone that will be in stores is only the beginning."

While this isn't an official confirmation that the game will be broken up into chapters, it adds some substance to the speculation that Sony could use Killzone on PS3 to promote the idea of downloading episodic content from the online PlayStation Store.

This latest information comes from an interview Killzone director Arjan Brussee gave Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant in which he also discusses the cost of development which is proving to be the most expensive media project ever undertaken in the Netherlands; previously set by the 2006 World War II movie thrillerBlack Book at 16 million euros ($21.1 million).

The huge expense comes from creating the next-gen graphics which is extremely labor intensive. Brussee claims work that used to take a week when developing for PS2 now takes four times as long, which explains why the Killzone team at developer Guerrilla Games is made up of 120 - three times the size of the team that worked on the original Killzone.

Little is known about the upcoming Killzone sequel as not much has been seen since the game's controversial trailer was used to demonstrate the power of PS3 at last year's E3. The action-packed promo was hugely impressive but was believed by many to be misleading, as it featured target video footage rather thanfully-formed gameplay footage.

November 28, 2006