New Killzone 3 screens appear, are snowy, pretty

We knew it was coming (opens in new tab), we knew it had jetpacks, we knew it had snow, and we knew it was in 3D. But now you can see all of that for yourself (except for the 3D bit), as some new screenshots of Killzone 3 have appeared via theEuropean PlayStation blog (opens in new tab). We have them, and you really should see them.

Above: Guerilla has taken onboard criticisms about Killzone 2's corridor shooting, and wants to mix things up with more unique levels this time. Hence the snow.

Above: Apparently the jetpack works more like an extreme double-jump, rocketing you skyward, before allowing you to boost forward.

Above: A man. In a zone. With killing on his mind. Probably.

But what did you reckon to Killzone 2? Do you want more, and if so, what elsedo you want in it? Or could you not give a meerkat's arse either way? Let us know in the comments, or via our thrivingGamesRadar colonies onFacebook (opens in new tab)andTwitter (opens in new tab).

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