New images for Looper land online

Looper has released a quartet of new images online, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the titular assassin charged with a particularly tricky assignment in the form of Bruce Willis's target.

The film is set in the future, see, where time travel is possible but illegal. That doesn't stop criminals using it, though, sending their human garbage back in time where special hitmen known as "loopers" are waiting to take them out.

Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is one of said hitmen, but his world is turned upside down when he realises his latest target is an older version of himself. Can the two men work together in order to avert their shared fate? Or will the younger incarnation stick to his mission regardless?

The latest images show Willis and Gordon-Levitt scuffling with each other, as well as providing new looks at Jeff Daniels' villainous-looking character, and Piper Perabo as an exotic dancer. We wonder if she'll be up on the bar again?

Directed by Rian Johnson, Looper will open in the UK on 28 September 2012. In the meantime, you can check out all the new images in full, below...

George Wales

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