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New Homefront multiplayer trailer, TV spot, and dedicated server details revealed

THQ's Homefront hype-brigade has been marching across the world like an army of North Korean invaders, only its weapons are NEW ASSETS! You can't click anywhere lately without seeing new Homefront trailers or details. Guess what?! We have new Homefront trailers and details!

Speaking in connection with the news that the game has just gone gold, THQ core games VP Danny Bilson offered another verbal push for the title, saying, "Homefront is set to become one of THQ's most successful original IP launches. The team at Kaos have spent three years building an FPS that competes with the very best, offering a thrilling and original single player experience and hundreds of hours of multiplayer."

Above: The multiplayer trailer, released today

Additionally, Drew Como, THQ's director of infrastructure, detailed the game's dedicated server support.

"We're providing dedicated servers for both console and PC versions of the game," said Como. "Dedicated servers allow us to support 32-players on large maps with infantry, vehicles and drones, and level the playing field compared to titles that rely on user-hosted games."

Homefront is out March 15 in North America, and March 18 in Europe. The game's first review, published in OPM Italy, called it "One of the most intense, emotional experiences of 2011," and scored it a 9/10. We're glad to hear it... both that the game is apparently good, and that the marketing push is nearing its finale. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for our review.

Mar 4, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer