New Halo Infinite multiplayer map Streets has enough power weapons to feed an army

Halo Infinite has a new map called Streets designed to pit players against each other in close quarters and across unusual sightlines. 

A new video from IGN shows Streets in action, with input from lead multiplayer level designer Cayle George. George described Streets as an asymmetric Arena map on the "medium to small" side. It's a slightly more modernized, urban environment than we usually see from Halo, and in addition to neon signs and Halo Infinite: The Arcade Game, the Streets map is also packed with odd angles.

George called out a seemingly endless array of ledges, stairs, platforms, and railings that create equally endless, but fairly limited sightlines. Deliberately placed palm trees obscure some of the longer lanes, presumably to keep the emphasis on shooting around corners and across shops. 

Compared to the other maps we've seen, Streets is also overflowing with weapon pickups. It looks like you can't take two steps without stumbling over a power weapon of some kind, and tantalizing picks like the rocket launcher are purposefully situated around the middle of the map to create hot spots. That's not necessarily new, but on a smaller map like Streets, these pickups look especially plentiful.

Streets is a good fit for things like Oddball, according to George, though objective-based games like Capture the Flag "can be a bit more of a challenge to put together on it." That said, George added that players will likely find a way to make a variety of modes work in custom games. 

Newly surfaced Microsoft Store listings suggest Halo Infinite may see an early access launch and up to four DLC packs.

Austin Wood

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