Halo Infinite might be getting an early access launch

halo infinite multiplayer test flight team slayer assault rifle
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A Halo Infinite "Early Access Bundle" has been revealed through a Microsoft Store listing.

Earlier today on November 1, a Twitter user spotted that the Microsoft Store had been updated with a listing for an Early Access Bundle for Halo Infinite. However, that title is all the information to go on for the digital listing right now, because there's no information whatsoever about the bundle on the storefront. It does indicate that there is likely going to be a way to play Halo Infinite before launch on December 8, though.

Elsewhere on the Microsoft Store, the same Twitter user noticed over the weekend that a slate of DLC items had been added to Halo Infinite's store listing. At the time of writing, four DLC items related to Halo Infinite have been added to the Microsoft Store over the past few days, seemingly indicating that developer 343 plans to launch a number of add-ons for the new shooter.

Last week, 343 debuted brand new campaign gameplay footage of Halo Infinite for the first time in over a year, showing the Master Chief exploring a Halo Ring, rescuing a group of marines, and then driving them over a cliff in a Warthog. The gameplay was the first time since Halo Infinite's first gameplay reveal in June 2019 that we'd actually seen campaign footage of Master Chief's new adventure.

There's just a little over a month to go now until Halo Infinite is with us. 343's sequel launches next month on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and will be available on day one through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service on all platforms.

For more on the recent past gameplay sessions, head over to our 12 details you might have missed from Halo Infinite's beta guide for more.

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