Halo Infinite campaign trailer has outpost attacking and driving marines off cliffs

A new Halo Infinite campaign gameplay trailer is our first good look at the new single-player story in more than a year, and it aims to make up for the wait.

Taking the form of a six-minute gameplay breakdown narrated by Master Chief's new AI companion The Weapon, the trailer gives you a good look at what the minute-to-minute act of fighting The Banished all throughout Zeta Halo will look like.

Your biggest objective in Halo Infinite to find out what happened to Cortana, but to get that far you'll need to rely on your weapons, vehicles, and a detachment of surviving marines who are ready to join your fight the moment they lay eyes on Master Chief's big green helmet cresting the waves of enemies. Granted, Chief immediately drives the Warthog with all of his new marine allies straight off a cliff, but that's just how things tend to go when you hang out with Spartans.

The trailer is largely focused on how you'll pick your way across the open-world battlefield, including being able to spawn in vehicles of choice on special pads, tear through Banished outposts, and upgrade abilities.

It also teases some new story details: we'll spend more time with the (still unnamed) pilot character as he keeps on rescuing Master Chief, and we'll also meet some new enemy types including jetpack-riding Skimmers, "a sadistic Spartan killer" elite called Jega 'Rdomnai - who looks like he may inject some horror with his invisibility and overall "blood-red glow" aesthetic - and a floating foe who calls themself the "Harbinger of the Truth."

Halo Infinite is still planned to be released on December 8, though if you want to play through the campaign in co-op you'll need to wait for it to launch separately in season 2, currently set to begin around February.

After loving the previous test sessions, we're still waiting to see if there will be another Halo Infinite beta.

Connor Sheridan

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