New Halo 2 Maps revealed - screens inside

Two new maps will be available for download from April 17 on Xbox Live for $4.

Bungie mouthpiece Frank O'Connor explained, "It's true! Two new maps, both available on April 17 through the Halo 2 downloader in the game itself, and it's just $4 for the pair. The maps are Tombstone and Desolation - remakes of Hang 'Em High and Derelict, respectively."

Bungie also released two shots of the remakes, one of which you can see on this very page. See the other behind the Images tab above

O'Conner added, "It's an original Xbox download, so there's no way to use MS points - and you WILL need an Xbox Live Gold account to download and play, since the original Xbox (even in BC mode) can't tell the difference between gold and silver. But you CAN use these on 360, just so we're clear. You just need to use a credit card for the purchase, instead of marketplace points. We'll have LOTS more info in the update later today."

Afew buckseach? Do you think it's worth it or are we just feeding the Microsoft Corporation? Let us knowhere. For the record, we'll gladly shell out, especially for Hang 'Em High.We just hope it lives up the original, though it'll be a bit different without that pistol.

March 30, 2007