New GTA Space mod takes you to other planets to fight aliens, and it looks amazing

GTA 5 might have finally resolved its UFO mystery, but if that's not enough then GTA Space is promising you the galaxy. Well, a bit of it at least.

It's the work of several modders - the full list of which, as well as features are here - and promises to let you explore the stars. That includes fighting aliens, landing on other planets, and four missions to start with when it's released.

It's all a work in progress at the moment, but as you can see from the trailer there's a lot going on. You can check a larger progress report and some more features here, which include variable gravity, as well as the ability to space walk - which might be handy with another feature: the ability to repair your vehicles in space. 

There are even NPCs you can talk to that will "will give you little bits of information about the story behind the alien species." Although no word on the roles they play, or the missions involved. Is the UFO in the trailer just an enemy? Or a potential reward later on? 

No ETA yet other than "when we think the mod is ready" so we'll keep an eye out for more info. 

Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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