New GTA IV scans reveal foxy female character

The latest issue of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine is in subscribers' hands and the meat and veg of its massive 14-page preview has already hit the web. Right here in fact.

Key points from the article include details of Rockstar's creation of Liberty City, which the company claims is the real star of the game.

They say that no-one has attempted to recreate an actual location of this size, and this much detail ever before.

Liberty City is said to be massive and will span five boroughs based on the following locations; Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and New Jersey. GTA IV will also feature real-life land marks such the Empire State Building.

The mag says that work began on the game back in November 2004, pretty much as soon as work on San Andreas was finished. Development is being handled by Rockstar studios in Edinburgh, San Diego, and New York.

There's a bit more on the playable character Niko Bellic's story too. He is fresh off a boat from an unspecified Eastern European country, lured to Liberty City by his cousin who owns a Taxi firm, on the promise of the American dream. Niko soon realises his cousin was pretty much bullshitting him and is in a lot of debt and trouble.

Cover star Elizabeta is said to feature in the later part of the game.

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April 27, 2007