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New Friends With Benefits trailer

friends with benefits

Last year, a fun red band trailer for Friends With Benefits went online. Now we’ve been given the first official green band trailer for the film.

And it still looks ten times better than the passable, similarly-plotted No Strings Attached . For a start, it stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, whose chemistry is completely on fire.

They play two friends who decide to have sex without getting emotionally involved with one another – which is surely going to go wrong somewhere.

Check out the trailer below...

Like the earlier red band trailer, this new look at the film contains some pretty fun moments that seem to give it an edge over more predictable romcom fare.

We’re especially loving the Katherine Heigl-romcom bashing and Patricia Clarkson in S&M get-up. Fingers crossed Friends With Benefits can out-raunch and out-funny the disappointing No Strings Attached.

Friends With Benefits opens 2 September.