New free update for Iron Man VR brings new New Game+, new weapons, and better loading times

(Image credit: Camouflaj / Sony / Marvel)

There's a new, free update for Marvel's Iron Man VR.

"I know many of you have been busy playing Marvel’s Iron Man VR since it was released in early July, but we aren’t done yet!" wrote Camouflaj gameplay designer, Blaine Higdon, in an update on the PlayStation blog (thanks, VG24/7). "Today I wanted to show you some of the content and quality of life features we will be adding to the game in a free Patch 1.06 update launching today."

The "much-requested" New Game+ will allow you to replay story missions without sacrificing your Research Points and will only unlock once you’ve completed the game. 

"And if you’re a hardcore player who has already mastered Invincible difficulty, you should definitely give the new Ultimate difficulty mode in the new patch for a spin to see what you’re really made of!" Higdon added.

The new content also introduces several new weapons - The Continuous Beam Repulsor, EM Charge Cannon, Micro Swarm, and the Gravity Bomb – and eight Custom Armor Decos.

A number of quality of life improvements have also been deployed, including improved loading times, skippable side missions, and skippable cinematics.

"Based on feedback we received for you all, we have made two story missions skippable, if you so choose," Higdon said, but didn't specify which two missions were affected. "You can use the “Skip Mission” button at the globe to advance past these missions, which will count them as “completed,” but you’ll still need to go back and complete it if you want the trophies for them."

"There are moments when Iron Man VR nails that ‘oh yeah, I can fly’ feel of testing out Stark’s techno powers," we said in the GamesRadar+ Iron Man VR review when we awarded the game 3 stars out of 5. "Things like directing repulsor jets from your palms with the PSVR Move controllers to fly around, or flipping your wrist forwards to unleashing a swarm of tiny homing missiles feel amazing. 

"When it gets it right, the experience of Iron Man translates well. But ‘experience’ is the key word here as, while some parts work beautifully, the attempt to stretch it out over a full game is less successful."

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