New Fortnite Battle Pass trailer for Season 7 shows off Superman and Rick Sanchez in action

(Image credit: Epic Games)

A trailer for the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass shows off skins for Rick Sanchez, as well as Superman/Clark Kent. 

Fortnite's newest season is upon us and aliens have attacked. The invading forces have already destroyed the Spire and are now attacking players in the middle of their matches. 

As with all new seasons, however, the most important change is the arrival of a brand new Battle Pass for players to get lost in and level up. There's a whole load on offer, and to showcase what you can earn in-game, developer Epic Games has released a trailer showcasing a bunch of the items. Take a look: 

The headliners are undoubtedly Superman and Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. If you are wondering where Morty is in all of this, well, he's there, just not in the form you'd expect. Hammerhead Morty is on the Battle Pass as a harvesting tool. That's right - you'll be using Rick's long-suffering sidekick to gather your resources. It's cruel, but also feels oddly fitting for the character.

While Superman is featured heavily here, he is not immediately available in the game. It's stated in-game that the Kryptonian will be launching in 65 days, which is fairly consistent with the 'secret skins' in the franchise's history.

The Battle Pass has also been reworked this season and functions in a somewhat different manner this time around. Instead of a linear experience track, the pass is now broken up into 10 pages. Players will earn Stars that will allow them to purchase their choice of items on a page and will eventually unlock a new page when they have acquired enough. This new system allows players a little more freedom to decide what they want, but they will still be gated from a lot of the most desirable items such as the Rick and Morty items which are on page 10.

Elsewhere there are a bunch of other non-branded items to get your hands on. As goes with the theme of the season, players will be able to dress up as all sorts of extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial hunters.

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