New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens reveal time travel and more gameplay details

The latest batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens reveals a wealth of new information, including details on new game mechanics, new locations, and some background on new protagonist Noel. We get a good look at Valhalla, part of the alternate dimension in which Lightning now resides (along with her trusty summon Odin), and a hint that time travel might be a big part of the story.

There's a lot to absorb here, but some major points of interest are:

Above: The Historia Crux overmap - It looks like you can travel to various locations at different points in time

Above: Noel is from the future! It seems likely the story will revolve around changing the past to affect the future

Above: We saw this at the E3 presentation - the time gate involves tile-based puzzles that act as short breaks from the normal gameplay

Above: This batch of screens includes a lot of details on Valhalla, one of FFXIII-2's new locations. Odin seems to have a more prominent role this time too

Above: A closer look at Lightning's rival

Sep 8, 2011

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