New Fallout 3 artwork

Jan 10, 2008

It's the first piece of Fallout 3 news in 2008 -new concept artfrom the RPG has been released by Bethesda.

The art has been accompanied by a developer diary penned by lead designer Emil Pagliarulo which focuses on the Brotherhood of Steel faction from the game.

"In Fallout 3," Pagliarulo writes, "the Brotherhood of Steel is one of the most important and influential factions you'll encounter. And while it's true they are a military organization, the Brotherhood's values and command structure are actually more representative of a medieval knightly order.

"Like the Templars of old, in their own eyes, the members of the Brotherhood of Steel are pure, they are just - they are truly human in a world filled with both physical and moral corruption."

Pagliarulo's full diary is yours to read on the official Fallout 3 site.

Courtesy of CVG.