New Dreamcast game is out now. Also available on even more obsolete hardware!

It makes us feel warm and fuzzy to know that someone, somewhere is still making games for Sega Dreamcast. It doesn't really matter that said games look like Mega Drive platformers and could probably run perfectly well on a Game Boy Advance. Fact is, a new star is shining in the darkness of Dreamcast's once-blue skies (we promised ourselves we wouldn't cry...) and you can buy it now with your actual money. Here's the launch trailer:

But that's not all. What if you don't want to buy GunLord on Dreamcast? We're not suggesting you don't want to buy it at all (perish the thought). We mean what if you had a different retro console in mind? Well, then fear not. You can buy a copy for that Neo Geo that you definitely still have hooked up to your telly. We're not even kidding - look, here's the listing on NG:Dev.'s official site:

Above: A new cartridge for NeoGeo. And in case you were concerned that not all 658 Megabits were going to be used, then... well. They only friggin' ARE!

If a new Neo Geo game cartridge or a $120 'Dragon Box version' (pictured right) of a brand new Dreamcast game doesn't massage your excitement glands, then either you need to sort your life out, or someone somewhere has made a grave misjudgement when they collated their audience research data.

But also, we feel professionally obliged to point out... the game doesn't look all that.


Source: Joystiq

Justin Towell

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