New DmC trailer takes extended look at demonic Devil May Cry reboot

Though we haven’t seen much of the Devil May Cry reboot DmC in person, each new video of the somewhat controversial project renews our hope that Capcom and Ninja Theory are making something worthwhile. And now that old school fans of the series can rest easy knowing it takes place in an alternate timeline, everyone can just watch and enjoy this big chunk of new footage from the game.

Ninja Theory looks to adding its own unique flare to the series like possibly intentional nod the cult classic film They Live’s the subliminal posters. We will admit though we aren’t in love with Dante’s voice in this trailer. In case you didn’t know Ninja Theory also developed Heavenly Sword and the underrated Enslaved (now on 360's Games on Demand). DmC is scheduled for release some time next year.

Henry Gilbert

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