Enslaved: Odyssey to the West now available on Xbox Games On Demand

People need to stop complaining about this generation's color pallet. "Games are too brown and sad!" gamers cry while plunking down $60 to pick up the latest post-apocalyptic RPG. "There's nothing but gray military shooters!" they tweet while pre-ordering the next iteration of a popular gray military shooter. Meanwhile, games like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West completely bucked that trend, offering an inventive action game set in interesting locations, and no one bought it. Now's your chance to make things right: Microsoft has announced that Enslaved is now available on Xbox Live's Games on Demand - and it's cheap, too.

Enslaved can be downloaded to your Xbox 360's hard drive for only $20, giving you fast access to one of the generation's most interesting games. Sadly, it might be too late to pave the way for future installments of the series. The developer already said that lackluster sales have kept them from being able to grow and expand their studio, and despite originally planning on working on a sequel, they're now forced to continue focusing on one game at a time. Since no one bought Enslaved, there's very little chance that the one game will ever be Enslaved 2.

Then again, maybe crazy sales on Games on Demand will change their mind...

Hollander Cooper

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