Enslaved's sales prevented studio expansion for Ninja Theory, sequel

In an interview with Edge in the most recent issue, Antoniades admitted that Ninja Theory was planning on working on a sequel based on the success of Enslaved and expanding their studio to support another team. In fact, that’s the place they wanted to be in right now. Sadly, the low(ish) sales made it so that wasn’t an option. "Right now we should have been doing a sequel and perfecting that sequel and doing what franchises do, which is get better over time,” he said. "[But] because that didn't happen we've not expanded to two teams like we intended to.”

Things could be worse. Neither Heavenly Sword nor Enslaved managed to pull in Blockbuster numbers, and two disappointments in a row could have led to the studio being shut down – as we’ve seen time and time again this generation. Instead, their work caught the eye of Capcom, who apparently enjoyed their games enough to trust them with a reboot to Devil May Cry. This was a controversial move, but one that may pay off for both companies. Antoniades is glad to get “another chance,” he told Edge, and we’re happy someone gave it to him. As fans of Devil May Cry and Enslaved we’re really looking forward to what they’re able to do with the franchise – we’re just hoping, this time, gamers give them a chance too.

Sep 23, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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