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New Dinner for Schmucks trailer

The first Dinner for Schmucks trailer has arrived online - and this is one buffet we want to attend!

Directed by Jay Roach (who brought us Meet the Parents and Austin Powers ), the film is a remake of the French comedy Le Diner Des Cons - and follows Tim (Paul Rudd), a rising executive who must invite the stupidest people he can find to his boss’ monthly party in order to impress his smug colleagues.

Cue Steve Carrell as the catastrophic IRS employee Barry, whose passion is to recreate historic events by dressing up mice in tiny outfits.

Remember the Brick Tamland that we all fell in love with, and who helped launch Carrell's career? Well there is more than just a little Brick about Barry, and short of a spin-off for the mentally challenged weatherman, this is the next best thing.

Add The Hangover 's Zach Galifianakis to the mix, as Tim’s other party guest Therman - the mind controller - and guest appearance from Kristen Schall and Jermaine Clement, this looks like one dinner invite you can't refuse.

Check it out below;

Dinner for Schmucks? Or straight to bed without dinner? Let us know your thoughts!