New Diablo 4 images point to pricey-looking horse armor as microtransactions come full circle

Diablo 4 antagonist Lilith
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Diablo 4 players aren't loving the pricing on armor and skins in the in-game cosmetics shop.

This week saw a host of new Diablo 4 info hit the internet airwaves, and among that was a look at the RPG's in-game cosmetics shop. As you can see from the screenshot below, we've now got an early look at how some of the in-game character skins will be priced, as well as the price points for things like Diablo 4 horse armor. Yes, horse armor is back, only this time it comes with the horse, or in this case, the undead mount.

Cosmetic Cash Shop Preview from r/Diablo

Now that Diablo 4 fans have perused this info, many are unimpressed with the price of skins. We could well be looking at $28 for a single armor set, assuming Diablo 4 uses the industry-standard '100 to $1' premium currency conversion, as other Blizzard games (approximately) do. This is seemingly the upper echelons of what we might be paying for a single skin, but it's still a pretty eye-watering rate to consider for one cosmetic in a full-price game.

Ok with cosmetic cash shop, but $28 for one set?! from r/Diablo

"I'm not against paid cosmetics, but these are very expensive," responds one Reddit user. "This game is gonna need to cure my anxiety before I fork over prescription drug level money for a paper doll upgrade," responds one perplexed fan, with another adding, "I'd actually but some if they were like 5$ a pop. Not these Valorant-ass prices."

Elsewhere, some fans think these prices might not be quite that bad compared to other games. Diablo 4's cosmetic prices might even be "relatively average" compared to a game like Path of Exile, arguably Diablo 4's biggest competitor, as the fan below posits on the Diablo-focused subreddit. "As a long time enjoyer of POE, these prices are nothing," adds another user in agreement. That being said, Path of Exile is quite notably a free game while Diablo 4 is, again, $70 at base. 

Prices on skins comparatively to POE from r/diablo4

There's now just a few days to go until Diablo 4 launches on June 6, and while some questions remain unanswered, we probably won't see major changes to the cosmetics previewed here. To find out what we made of Blizzard's latest venture, head over to our glowing Diablo 4 review.

If you plan on getting in early this week, you should familiarize yourself with the Diablo 4 error codes so you know what to expect at launch.

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