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New Demon’s Souls remake screenshots show off boss fights and haunting vistas

(Image credit: Bluepoint)

Three new images of the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake have leaked, giving us our best look at the game since it was announced earlier this summer. The pictures mistakenly showed up on Amazon Australia, and were swiftly deleted, but not before they could be captured and posted to Resetera.

Two screenshots surfaced in the leak. The first one features the main character standing in front of a towering gothic-style building. The abundance of god rays flooding the image makes it difficult to tell exactly where in the game this is, but there’s some suggestion that this could be Boletaria Palace.

(Image credit: Bluepoint)

The second picture looks to be an alternate angle of an official screenshot that was shared a few months ago. It offers a better look at tutorial boss Vanguard, viewing him side-on rather than the head-to-head shot we saw previously.

Finally, the leak revealed the box art for a number of upcoming PS5 releases. As well as Demon’s Souls, artwork for Gran Turismo 7, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Destruction Allstars and Returnal showed up. The remake’s current art is pretty imposing, featuring a number of enemies approaching the game's protagonist beneath a towering building, but it might look different when the game actually ships - several of the images feature a label that reads “Art Not Final”.

Despite the leak, there’s still no word on when we’ll actually be able to play the Demon’s Souls remake on the PS5, but with listings starting to show up on retail sites and that 'Holiday 2020' release window rapidly approaching, hopefully we'll learn more pretty soon.

For now though, check out the upcoming PS5 games confirmed so far.