New chicks for Tekken 6!

Thursday 21 June 2007
No, your eyes aren't lying. This brand new shot for Tekken 6 would appear to suggest that chickens are finally making an appearance in the long-running brawler's fist-fighting action. Either that, or it's a neat new way to indicate when someone's been stunned by a particularly heavy thwack to the chops.

We've a mountain of other new imagesin our gallery, too. There's a superbly detailed screenshot of robo-battler Jack, some salacious views of Tekken's other 'chicks', and also plenty of chances to see a nifty new effect that accompanies a well-laid blow - a sort of aura of disruption around the impact. Nice.

Above: A ring, a ring of chickens. Weird new move or the fluffiest Iron Fist contenders ever?

Tekken 6 won't reach PlayStation 3 until next year - but we're hoping to discover what's going on with these chick-a-dees long before that. We'll let you in on the truth when we find out. Can you wait?

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