New Black Ops 4 mode is an 80-player Infected game on the biggest map ever made

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Treyarch has doubled down on the "go big or go home" mentality in its latest phase of Black Ops 4's Operation Apocalypse Z. The new Pandemic mode is an 80-player game of Infected, a mode where you're a survivor pitted up against one randomly selected infected player who tries to pass the infection to everyone.The winner is the last man standing when the clock runs out.

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 This massive version of Infected, described on Reddit as "cranking that idea to 11 and making it a reality" will be held on the biggest Call of Duty map ever, Blackout. The only other detail about the rules of engagement is that they're changing from "last squad standing" to "last survivors on Earth against an endless swarm of undead at the end of the world." Whether this means the swarm is actually endless or just feels that way because of the size of the game is unknown, but PS4 players can see for ourselves as of August 6.

The latest Operation Apocalypse Z rollout includes a return to fan-favorite Infected: Last Stand (but with a twist), 30 new challenges for the "Alpha Omega" gauntlet (which lets you play as both the Primis and the Ultimis crews), a bunch of new Contract rewards and Black Market content, and a couple of neat additions to the Blackout map, including a side-car equipped motorcycle. We're also getting Prop Hunt and Ground War back, but on the Blackout map for the first time ever, and only for a limited time. Prop Hunt is a mode where hunters comb through a map to find a team of "props", or players who have taken on the roles of random items on a map. Ground War is a 50v50 game of deathmatch. 

Operation Apocalypse Z will also roll out a handful of patches for reported bugs. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The newest version of Operation Apocalypse Z is playable on PS4 as of August 6, but Xbox One and PC players will have to wait a week longer to get their hands on Pandemic. 

If you want to complete every challenge on the biggest map in Call of Duty history, check out our list of Black Ops 4 Blackout Challenges.

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