Netflix profile transfers: what is it and how will it affect you?

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Netflix has unveiled the ability to transfer your profile from one account to another. Designed in tandem with the new extra member scheme, it will allow users to take the entirety of their Netflix library from a shared account to their own individual account – or even as a paid ‘extra member’ on someone else’s account.

For many, it’s likely going to be one big, confusing change among many rolled out by the streamer in the coming days and weeks. After all, it’s all part of its effort to crack down on password sharing.

So, how do you transfer a profile on Netflix and how will it affect you? Read on to discover the essentials behind Netflix’s latest feature. For more, check out our guide on how to continue sharing your Netflix account.

How to transfer a profile on Netflix

To transfer a profile to a new account, you need to first sign into the account that has the profile you want to transfer elsewhere.

Head to the Profiles and Parental Controls section under the Account page and select the profile you wish to transfer. 

Press Transfer, and you’ll then be asked to set up a new account with an email address and password. Then you’re done, and can sign up to a Netflix plan to keep watching your content.

That’s the easy way. If you want to transfer your profile as an extra member, then it all depends on whether you were already part of that account. If you are, your profile will remain intact without any additional action. 

If not, it appears you have to use the method above to set up a new account, then get the account holder to add you as an extra member using those new email details.

What do I keep when transferring a profile?

You get to keep essentially everything when transferring your profile. That includes viewing history, your watchlist, all settings, and even your profile name/icon.

Crucially, you also won’t lose the original profile. That will be kept on the original user’s account – for as long as they want it.

Why can’t I transfer my profile?

You can’t transfer profiles that are PIN-protected or Kids profiles. You also can’t transfer profiles to an account that already has two ‘extra members’ (or one, if you’re on the Standard plan).

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