Netflix is making a comedy series set in the last Blockbuster store

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Netflix is developing a 10-episode comedy series set in the last Blockbuster Video store in America. Randall Park, who you'll recognize from WandaVision, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Aquaman, is set to star.

In a report by THR, the series is described as a workplace comedy starring an ensemble cast, but Park is the only actor confirmed so far. It's titled simply Blockbuster, and it's the brainchild of Vanessa Ramos, who's known for her work on sitcoms including Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Ramos is writing scripts alongside David Caspe (Happy Endings, Black Monday) and Jackie Clarke (Happy Endings, Superstore).

"To say getting to make a show about a place I love, with my friends Jackie and David, and Randall Park as our star is a dream come true, somehow feels like an understatement," Ramos said. "I could not be more grateful to Jim and Megan at Universal for supporting this project since day one and Tracey, Andy, and the whole team at Netflix for being on board with so many weird jokes."

As if the irony needs clarifying, Netflix has a complicated history with Blockbuster. Back in 2000, Netflix founders Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings offered to sell their company to Blockbuster for $50 million but were turned down because then-CEO John Antioco thought they were joking. Not long after Netflix became the world's premiere streaming service and Blockbuster dwindled. Just one Blockbuster store now remains in Bend, Oregon.

"When Vanessa and David first came in and shared this idea for a comedy series, we were immediately excited," said Netflix head of comedy Tracey Pakosta. "This is ultimately the story of a dedicated group of co-workers, with a lot of heart. And now with the hilarious Randall Park signing on to play the lead, it's a no brainer."

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