Stock up on cheap Nerf bullets ahead of summer - get Nerf darts for less

Nerf bullets
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If you've got a summer of Nerf battles ahead, you'll need to make sure you're stocked up on Nerf bullets (nobody wants to be pausing every few minutes to pick up their ammo, after all). With that in mind, we've been busy rounding up the cheapest offers here. No matter whether you need standard Nerf darts or Rival pellets, we've got you covered.

Speaking of which, be sure to check in on which of the best Nerf guns you're buying for before getting started on your Nerf bullets hunt. Although some of them are interchangeable, a few - like the Hyper and Ultra ranges - are not. You'll find a quick rundown explaining the different kinds of Nerf darts below.

  • Nerf Elite: This is as close as you'll get to bog-standard Nerf darts. They're compatible with almost everything that isn't an Ultra, Hyper, or Rival blaster.
  • Nerf Ultra: These new Nerf darts fly further than the rest. They're only compatible with Nerf Ultra blasters.
  • Nerf Hyper: Because these are pellets rather than darts, they won't work in anything that isn't a Hyper blaster (not even the Rival range).
  • Nerf Rival: Another set of pellets that will only fit Rival blasters (they're larger than Hyper Nerf bullets).
  • Nerf Fortnite Rockets: These are much larger, rocket-like darts that can be fired from a couple of special Fortnite blasters.

Ready to get started? Here are the best deals on Nerf bullets and Nerf darts. Because they're checked every 30 minutes by our bargain-hunting software, you'll be able to take advantage of the latest, lowest prices.

Nerf bullets - Elite

Nerf bullets

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These 'classic' Nerf darts are the most common of them all, not to mention the most readily available - there are countless deals for them online, and most come in bulk. If you're looking for Nerf bullets, these are probably the ones you want. 

Crucially, Nerf Elite darts are also compatible with the vast majority of blasters. Regardless of whether you've got a Fortnite blaster or a DinoSquad gun, these Nerf bullets will fit them.

Compatible with: Nerf Elite, Elite 2.0, Fortnite, DinoSquad, Zombie Strike, MicroShots, AlphaStrike, Halo, AccuStrike Elite, Modulus

Nerf bullets - Ultra

Nerf bullets

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Thanks to a new and more advanced design, these Nerf bullets are much more effective than standard Nerf Elite rounds. Indeed, they fly further than any other Nerf darts - 120 feet, in fact. 

However, that specialised design makes them incompatible with anything that isn't a Nerf Ultra blaster. Want to use them with your Zombie Strike weapons? Sorry, no can do.

Compatible with: Nerf Ultra

Nerf bullets - Fortnite rockets

Nerf bullets

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As the name would suggest, these Nerf bullets aren't really 'bullets' at all; although the principle is the same (a hollow build and flexible tips mean they won't hurt if you're hit), they look more like something you'd use during gym class at school.

Because these rockets are much larger than any other kind of ammo on this list, they're only compatible with a couple of blasters as well. To be precise, they're designed to work with a couple of the best Fortnite Nerf guns - the Fortnite GL and the Fortnite RL. If you need ammunition for either of those, the deals below should sort you out.

Compatible with: Nerf Fortnite GL, Nerf Fortnite RL

Nerf bullets - Hyper

Nerf bullets

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These Nerf bullets are cutting-edge and fresh off the production line - they're only a couple of months old. As you may have guessed, they're not traditional Nerf darts either. Instead, Hyper rounds are small pellets optimized for speed and faster reloading via a hopper. 

Like so many of the Nerf bullets listed on this page, it's worth nothing that these are incompatible with other Nerf blasters (they're exclusively used in the new Hyper range).

Compatible with: Nerf Hyper

Nerf bullets - Rival

Nerf bullets

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These rounds are a departure from normal Nerf darts; they're actually foam pellets used specifically in Nerf Rival blasters. This arguably makes them more effective, and that's why they tend to be used in pro battles. 

Just make sure you're picking up the right Nerf pellets. Although they look similar to the Hyper rounds, they're not interchangeable (the Rival pellets are bigger).

Compatible with: Nerf Rival

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