Neil Druckmann teases new project and shares Naughty Dog job openings

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Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to tease a new project and share a bunch of job openings at the studio.  

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Druckmann quote-tweeted an extensive Naughty Dogs job listing and wrote, "Come work with us! We're making something very cool!" with a sealed lips emoji. 

The Last of Us 2 director doesn't share any more details, and the job listings are so varied we can't glean much from them. There is a single-player level environment designer, so we can assume that role isn't for a Factions spin-off which Naughty Dog teased when revealing multiplayer was being dropped from The Last of Us 2. Otherwise, it's your fairly standard spate of video game job openings with positions in editorial, art, animation, production, quality assurance, programming, and more. Some of the positions are temporary, but most seem to be permanent.

Here are just some of the open positions shared in the Naughty Dog post:

  • Gameplay animator
  • Character concept artist
  • Cinematic lighting artist
  • Video editor
  • Game designer
  • Q/A tester
  • Producer
  • Associate producer
  • UI scripter

Just last week, promotions at Naughty Dog hinted at the start of an unannounced project and we wondered if it could be The Last of Us 2 multiplayer. Now it looks like that might not be the case. The promotions were for Richard Cambier and Vinit Agarwal, both of whom were lead game designers on The Last of Us 2. Cambier was promoted to game director and co-game director, and if you compare that to the Naughty Dog job listings, it certainly seems like they're filling a team to work under Cambier and Agarwal. 

If any news breaks on what Druckmann and Naughty Dog could be working on, we'll update you accordingly. Until then, it's not much more than speculation. 

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