Need more Keanu Reeves in your life? This behind-the-scenes Toy Story 4 feature is the best thing you'll see all day

Keanu Reeves Toy Story 4
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That Keanu Reeves Cyberpunk 2077 appearance is proof enough that 2019 is the year of Keanu. There’s no denying that. He shot his way into our hearts in John Wick 3, and then cemented himself as The One during his breathtaking appearance at the Microsoft E3 2019 conference. Now we can’t get enough of the guy . That’s why this Toy Story 4 behind-the scenes video, showcasing Reeves’ new character stuntman Duke Kaboom and featuring some much-needed Keanu jazz hands, will make your day just a little bit better. Trust me.

The video from Fab TV, which you can see in full above, highlights the Toy Story 4 actors in the recording booth. There’s faces new and old, from Tom Hanks through to Keegan-Michael Key, but it’s Keanu Reeves that steals the show. Scroll through to 8:11 above, or check out Keanu’s complete reel highlighted in the tweet below from fanpage Keanu Planet.

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Oh YEAH! If you suddenly can’t get the sound of Keanu Reeves thrusting out of your head, I am so, so sorry. But the best bit? The actor, who will be showing off his talents in Cyberpunk 2077, suddenly wobbles mid-recording while overstretching both his body and voice and just folds it into the performance. What. A. Pro. In second place: the jazz hands. Oh god, the jazz hands.

Keanu Reeves, meanwhile, is part of a handful of new characters to join the likes of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 4. As you might have gathered, he plays Duke Kaboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman. There’s also the likes of Forky, as voiced by Tony Hale, and the energetic duo of Ducky and Bunny, played by Key and Jordan Peele. But, let’s face it: You’re here for Keanu.

So, is this better than his E3 cameo? Admittedly, his hair here looks shinier and bouncier and – sorry, I’ve lost my train of thought. Keanu Reeves will do that to you. Time to re-watch Keanu doing jazz hands for the millionth time.

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