NBA Street Showdown Cheats

NBA Street Showdown Unlockables

  • PSP | Submitted by Kelvin aka Kash

    Unlock NBA legends

    Bob Cousy- Win 10 Quick Play Pick Up Games David Thompson- Advance to King Of The Courts the first challenge

NBA Street Showdown Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by COCONUT-HEAD

    Hint for King of the Court

    When you Choose King of the court mode, do not choose a created player to head your team, choose a ready made guy (TYRONE is better.) If you choose Tyrone his blocks are good and his long range shooting and dunking is very good.

  • PSP | Submitted by David

    Easy Gamebreaker

    Get the ball, then hold R1 and L1 in and hit square. Right after you do that run up to the hoop and when you get pretty close hold R1 and L1 in and push and hold cicle in making you do an ally-oop too yourself which gives you 22,000+. If you do this every time you will have a gamebreaker by 4 points. You need to have good handles and dunks for this trick.

  • PSP | Submitted by Fair-Cheater

    Extra DP

    To get extra DP just go to "My Street" on the main menu, then to "Rewards". Look for devolopment points (The bottom of the list). Cards with a certain amount of Devolopment points will be on them. When you highlight them, REWARD POINTS will be on them. To earn reward points, win at Arcade shootout and Shot blocker. King of the Court gives out the most though. So get your jive onto the court kiddies.

  • PSP | Submitted by LuCaS cHa

    Own the City

    If you are playing the own the city mode in the last battle you will have 2 NBA legends on your team.

  • PSP | Submitted by Aaqib

    Another Easy Gamebreaker

    Once you go close to the person guarding you press L1 R1 and the X button to preform an "off tha heazy." Do 5 "off tha heazies" and then dunk to get a fast game breaker.