Naughty Dog's new PS3 trick

We've managed to get ahold of new screens of Naughty Dog's as-yet-unnamed PlayStation 3 project. Seeing as Naughty Dog is best known as the developer responsible for the Jak and Daxter series, this new action game seems a bit of a departure for the team, mainly because it's very realistic and sidekick-free.

While we've only seen a trailer so far, the game seems to be a treasure-hunting adventure in the tradition of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, with the footage showing an intrepid hero (who seems to shop at the Gap) fighting and leaping his way through a beautifully realized jungle setting.

What really stands out is how intricate the animation is and how each strike, weapon reload and jump is utterly convincing. This is then combined with slightly exaggerated action, to impressive effect.

The untitled project is still some time away from completion, but is one of the more impressive original PlayStation 3 games to come to light so far. We'll be monitoring it closely.

May 19, 2006