NATO enters World in Conflict

What's going to drive Windows Vista gaming this year? Well, ask anyone in the know (i.e., us) and they'll tell you that the holy trinity is shaping up to be Crysis for FPS fans, Age of Conan for MMO groupies and World in Conflict for RTS aficionados.

That last one is what concerns us here, with the fresh release of a new movie showing NATO as the third faction in Massive Entertainment's intriguing RTS title.

Available as a partially playable support faction in the single-player campaign and as a fully playable force in the multiplayer version, NATO will feature the combined might of both British and German armies (on the same side for once) with iconic vehicles and equipment like the Leopard main battle tank which you can see in action in this latest movie.

We've uploaded the movie for your viewing pleasure, but keep a watch for further coverage on what's shaping up to be one of the stars of this year's DirectX 10 firmament.