Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

Together with the Nunchuk's analog stick, there's a staggering amount of combos to unleash with a minimum of nutty gesticulation. That comes later. Because guess what? The Chakra meters back in town and it's got a few things to show thoseinteractive cutscenes from Ultimate Ninja.

Instead of merely pressing buttons, this is where you'll activate jutsus and other special techniques with the D-padonce your Chakra meter's full. You must be careful with it, though. It must be activated at the right time because it's much harder to pull of against a competent opponent and it will cost you a full meter's worth of Chakra.Whether it'sthrowing jabsand/or slammingfoeswith real-time hand movements, it all happens pretty fast, so stay on your toes.

While the locales may look familiar, they're most definitely something you haven't seen before. Not content to rest on being simply multi-tiered, the levels are fully rendered in 3-D, and the Z button allows you to sidestep attacks. No 2.5-D here. Plus you can use a substitution jutsu to zap yourself on the other side of your opponent for a most unsportsmanlike assault at the cost of only a little Chakra. If you don't wanna risk it, there are plenty of obstacles to take cover behind. But be warned: they break.